The next morning, everybody wakes up early to go to the World Cup. Bill, Charlie and Percy will go by Apparating. Since the Department of Magical Transportation obliges you to pass a test, Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Ginny and Hermione cannot Apparate, so the will go to the Cup with Mr. Weasley by other means. Mr. Weasley tells them a pair of people splinched themselves once, while trying to apparate, leaving half of themselves behind! The Accidental Magic Reversal Department had to be called to sort them out. Before they leave, Mrs. Weasley rids Fred and George of their remaining Ton-Tongue Toffees, which they were supposed to throw away, using a Summoning Charm, Accio. Mr. Weasley explains they'll use a Portkey, used to transport wizards from one spot to another at a prearranged time, to get to the Cup. The nearest one for them is at the top of Stoatshead Hill at the village of Ottery St. Catchpole. They arrive on the spot and look for the Portkey. They meet with Amos Diggory and his son Cedric who already found the Portkey. Since the Lovegoods have been at the Cup for a week already and the Fawcetts couldn't get tickets, they won't have to wait for others. The Portkey takes them to the Cup.


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