Harry and Ron have made up. Harry tells Ron about Karkaroff having been a Death Eater. Together with Hermione, they go to the owlery to send a letter to Sirius. The next they go to the common room for Harry's surprise party. Everybody speculates about the clue of the golden egg, which makes a screechy wailing sound when it is opened. Neville eats one of Fred and George's new inventions, Canary Creams. In Care of Magical Creatures classes, Hagrid's Skrewts are growing larger. Just ten of them are left. While putting them into boxes, Rita Skeeter comes by. Skeeter notices the injuries caused by the Skrewts on Dean, Lavender and Seamus. She tries to get some story for the Daily Prophet. She will interview Hagrid next friday. Hermione takes Harry and Ron to the castle kitchens. Among the House-elves, they find Dobby, wearing all sorts of clothes. Dobby tells them that Dumbledore gave him and Winky, Mr. Crouch's old house-elf, jobs. Winky is devestated by the rejection of her old master. She, is ashamed of being set free, as most elves would be.


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