Extended, Deleted And New Scenes Added To The Philosopher's Stone DVDEdit

  • Aunt Petunia Make Harry Open The Door
  • Stan Shunpike Tells Harry The Knight Bus Haven't Had An Accident For A Week
  • The Knight Bus Swings Around
  • Ginny And Fred Talk About Fred's Nose
  • Arthur Say: "Just Watch Yourself, Will You, Harry?"
  • Meeting Neville On The Train
  • Extended Welcoming Speech
  • Nearly Headless Nick Outside the Great Hall
  • Harry Looking At A Picture Of His Parents
  • The Little Bird
  • Trelawney Warn Parvati About Ron And Talk About February
  • Longer Tea Leaves Sequence
  • Lavender Explaining What The Grim Is
  • Hagrid Shows How To Open The Monster Book
  • Dracula/Bikini Boggart
  • Harry And Lupin Talk About Hogsmead
  • The Great Hall And The Sneakoscope
  • Meeting SIr Cadogan
  • Harry Finds The Hump-Backed One-Eyed Statue Near Divination Stairwell
  • A Shrunken Head Tell A Joke To Another Shrunken Head
  • A Little Fight Between Ron And Hermione
  • Ron Blames Hermione And Harry Says He Doesn't Care About There Fight
  • Trelawney Gets a Nervous Breakdown
  • Harry Mention Sirius To Lupin
  • Sirius Black Break In To The Gryffindor Tower And Attacks Ron
  • McGonagall And Dumbledore Asks Sir Cadogan About Sirius
  • Hermione And Ron Talk About Draco And Buckbeak To Hagrid
  • Short Clip With The Dementors Outside Hogwarts
  • Lavender And Trelawney Talks About Hermione
  • Hagrid Make Harry And Ron To Shake Hands And Ron To Give Hermione A Hug
  • Harry And Hermione Going Throw The Tunnel To The Shrieking Shack
  • Harry Mention His Mother Screaming To Sirius
  • Extended Shrieking Shack Scene About the Marauder's Map
  • Hermione Explain What 'The Kiss' Is
  • Dumbledore Made One More Comment About Time
  • Back In Time Harry Grins Seeing Ron And Hermione's Awkward Hug
  • More Talk Between Hagrid, Dumbledore And Fudge About Buckbeak
  • Harry Mention Fred And George When He And Hermione Sees Lupin Going Into The Whomping Willow
  • Snape And Fudge On There Way Up To Sirius
  • Extended Talk Between Harry And Sirius
  • Trelawney at the Top of the Stairs Waving an Empty Sherry Bottle
  • Lupin And Harry Talk About Harry's Patronus
  • Hagrid, Draco, Crabbe And Goyle Are Also Included In The Ending

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