Deleted Scenes From Prisoner of Azkaban DVD 2Edit

Commentaries by Alfonso Cuarón, Matthew Lewis, John Cleese, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Thompson, David Thewlis, Paul Whitehouse, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Gary Oldman and Alan Rickman.

  • Aunt Petunia Make Harry Open The Door
  • Stan Shunpike Tells Harry The Knight Bus Haven't Had An Accident For A Week
  • The Knight Bus Swings Around
  • Ginny And Fred Talk About Fred's Nose
  • Arthur Say: "Just Watch Yourself, Will You, Harry?"
  • Meeting Neville On The Train
  • Extended Welcoming Speech
  • Nearly Headless Nick Outside the Great Hall
  • Harry Looking At A Picture Of His Parents
  • The Little Bird
  • Trelawney Warn Parvati About Ron And Talk About February
  • Longer Tea Leaves Sequence
  • Lavender Explaining What The Grim Is
  • Hagrid Shows How To Open The Monster Book
  • Dracula/Bikini Boggart
  • Harry And Lupin Talk About Hogsmead
  • The Great Hall And The Sneakoscope
  • Meeting SIr Cadogan
  • Harry Finds The Hump-Backed One-Eyed Statue Near Divination Stairwell
  • A Shrunken Head Tell A Joke To Another Shrunken Head
  • A Little Fight Between Ron And Hermione
  • Ron Blames Hermione And Harry Says He Doesn't Care About There Fight
  • Trelawney Gets a Nervous Breakdown
  • Harry Mention Sirius To Lupin
  • Sirius Black Break In To The Gryffindor Tower And Attacks Ron
  • McGonagall And Dumbledore Asks Sir Cadogan About Sirius Black
  • Hermione And Ron Talk About Draco And Buckbeak To Hagrid
  • Short Clip With The Dementors Outside Hogwarts
  • Lavender And Trelawney Talks About Hermione
  • Hagrid Make Harry And Ron To Shake Hands And Ron To Give Hermione A Hug
  • Harry And Hermione Going Throw The Tunnel To The Shrieking Shack
  • Harry Mention His Mother Screaming To Sirius
  • Extended Shrieking Shack Scene About the Marauder's Map
  • Hermione Explain What 'The Kiss' Is
  • Dumbledore Made One More Comment About Time
  • Back In Time Harry Grins Seeing Ron And Hermione's Awkward Hug
  • More Talk Between Hagrid, Dumbledore And Fudge About Buckbeak
  • Harry Mention Fred And George When He And Hermione Sees Lupin Going Into The Whomping Willow
  • Snape And Fudge On There Way Up To Sirius
  • Extended Talk Between Harry And Sirius
  • Trelawney at the Top of the Stairs Waving an Empty Sherry Bottle
  • Lupin And Harry Talk About Harry's Patronus
  • Hagrid, Draco, Crabbe And Goyle Are Also Included In The Ending

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