1. Owl Post
  2. Aunt Marge's Big Mistake
  3. The Knight Bus
  4. The Leaky Cauldron
  5. The Dementor
  6. Talons and Tea Leaves
  7. The Boggart in the Wardrobe
  8. Flight of the Fat Lady
  9. Grim Defeat
  10. The Marauder's Map
  11. The Firebolt
  12. The Patronus
  13. Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw
  14. Snape's Grudge
  15. The Quidditch Final
  16. Professor Trelawney's Prediction
  17. Cat, Rat and Dog
  18. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs
  19. The Servant of Lord Voldemort
  20. The Dementor's Kiss
  21. Hermione's Secret
  22. Owl Post Again


Actor Character Episode numbers
Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter 22
Emma Watson Hermione Granger 20
Rupert Grint Ron Weasley 20
David Thewlis Remus Lupin 14
Alan Rickman Severus Snape 14
Robbie Coltrane Rubeus Hagrid 13
James Phelps Fred Weasley 12
Oliver Phelps George Weasley 12
Maggie Smith Minerva McGonagall 12
Tom Felton Draco Malfoy 11
Chris Rankin Percy Weasley 10
Gary Oldman Sirius Black 9
Michael Gambon Albus Dumbledore 8
Matthew Lewis Neville Longbottom 8
Devon Murray Seamus Finnigan 8
Warwick Davis Filius Flitwick 8
Jamie Waylett Vincent Crabbe 8
Joshua Herdman Gregory Goyle 8
Emma Thompson Sybill Trelawney 6
Sean Biggerstaff Oliver Wood 6
Bonnie Wright Ginny Weasley 6
Alfred Enoch Dean Thomas 6
Shefali Chowdhury parvati Patil 6
Robert Hardy Cornelius Fudge 5
Paul Whitehouse Sir Cadogan 5
Gemma Jones Poppy Pomfrey 5
Dawn French The Fat Lady 4
Rik Mayall Peeves 4
Julie Walters Molly Weasley 4
Mark Williams Arthur Weasley 4
Jessie Cave Lavender Brown 4
Geraldine Somerville Lily Potter 4
Rochelle Douglas Alicia Spinnet 4
Tiana Benjamin Angelina Johnson 4
Georgina Leonidas Katie Bell 4
Richard Griffiths Vernon Dursley 3
Miriam Margolyes Pomona Sprout 3
Zoë Wanamaker Rolanda Hooch 3
Ralph Fiennes Lord Voldemort 3
David Bradley Argus Fich 3
Jim Tavaré Tom 3
Gemma Padley Penelope Clearwater 3
Timothy Spall Peter Pettigrew 2
Fiona Shaw Petunia Dursley 2
Judi Dench Augusta Longbottom 2
Robert Pattinson Cedric Diggory 2
Katie Leung Cho Chang 2
Adrian Rawlins James Potter 2
Luke Youngblood Lee Jordan 2
Harry Melling Dudley Dursley 2
Jamie Yeates Marcus Flint 2
Scarlett Byrne Pansy Parkinson 2
Peter Best Walden Macnair 2
Pam Ferris Marge Dursley 1
Keira Knightley Aurora Sinistra 1
Domhnall Gleeson Bill Weasley 1
John Nettles Professor Binns 1
Lee Ingleby Stan Shunpike 1
Nicollette Sheridan Madam Malkin 1
John Cleese Nearly Headless Nick 1
Jude Law Manager of Flourish and Blotts 1
Julie Christie Madam Rosmerta 1
Stephen Fry Newsreader 1
Hugh Mitchell Colin Creevey 1
Jimmy Gardner Ernie Prang 1
Jesper Christensen Florean Fortescue 1
Charlotte Skeoch Hannah Abbott 1

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