Worried about Sirius coming and the chance of him being caught, Harry writes him back to tell him that he is fine and that there is no need for him to come. In Defense Against the Dark Arts classes, [[Alastor Moody | Professor Moody] has them practice the Imperius Curse. After some of the other students seem helpless to the curse, it is Harry's turn. Moody puts an Imperio on him but Harry partly manages to resist it. One day, coming back from classes, they read an announcement in the Entrance Hall regarding the Triwizard Tournament. The delegations from Beauxbatons and Durmstang will arrive on the 30th of October and there will be a welcoming feast. Harry hears that Cedric Diggory will enter his name to be in the Tournament. During the following week, everything seems to be prepared for the arrival of the two other school-delegations. Everybody seems tense. Even Professor McGonagall told Neville off for not even being able to perform a simple Switching Spell. Hermione tells them that the Heads of the three schools will be among the judges of the Tournament. She is still upset about the 'slavery' of house-elves. Harry gets another letter from Sirius. All students meet in the Entrance Hall to welcome Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. The delegation of Beauxbatons arrive first in a horse-drawn carriage. Dumbledore welcomes the Head of the school, Madame Maxime. From the lake the Durmstrang delegation arrives by ship. Dumbledore also welcomes Professor Karkaroff. Among the Durmstrang students is Viktor Krum.


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